King Khafra

King Khafra


Khafra or Khafre is the 4th king of the 4th dynasty, Old Kingdom, most of the people think that Khafra is the successor of king Khufu, but this is not right, Djedefre is the successor of Khufu and Khafra is the successor of Djedefre. He is called Chephren in the Greek language.

King Khafra ruled Egypt around 2560 BC, his reign was around 26 years, and according to Manetho, Khafra is the youngest son for king Khufu.

The second pyramid at Giza Plateau is attributed to king Khafra and also the Great Sphinx, Egyptologists are very sure that Khafra is the builder of the second pyramid, but there are some doubts about who built the Sphinx.

The name Khafra (Kha-F-Ra) means He shines like Ra; his Horus name is Hor wsr ib (weserib or auserib) which means the strong of heart.

The name of the second pyramid at Giza Plateau is wr (wer) which means the Great.

The very beautiful stunning statue at the Egyptian Museum is attributed to king Khafra.

King Khafra      King Khafra

The statue is made out of a very hard stone called diorite ( it a special kind of the diorite called Khafra diorite).

     King Khafra


The pyramid complex of the second pyramid at Giza Plateau is considered the most complete complex in Giza Plateau.

The name Khafra is written in Abydos king list and he occupied the place of the 4th king in the 4th dynasty,He is the son of king Khufu and queen Henutsen (maybe queen Meritites I).

King Khafra had such a big family, he married more than 4 wives (we don’t know exactly how many).

The same thing about his sons and daughters, we don’t know how many exactly so we assume  he had around 12 sons and around 4 daughters.

He was married to:

– Queen Meresankh III, she is the daughter his elder brother Kawab and Hetepheres II.

– Queen Khamerernebty I, she is the mother of Menkaura (he became the king after his father).

– Queen Hekenuhedjet

– Queen Persenet (she is possibly a daughter of King Khufu)

Sons of king Khafra

– Menkaure

– Sekhemkare

– Nikaure

– Nebemakhet

– Misuerre

– Khenterka

– Ankhmare

– Akhre

– Iunmin

– Iunre

Daughters of king Khafra

– Khameremebty II

– Shepsestkau

– Rekhetre

–  Hemetre

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