King Khufu – Second King of The 4th Dynasty

King Khufu

King Khufu is the second king of the 4th dynasty, He is the son of king Sneferu, he is the successor of king Sneferu. The Greeks called him Cheops, he ruled Egypt around 2589 BC, he ruled Egypt for almost 23 years, according to the Egyptian Priest Manetho.

The Great Pyramid at Giza Plateau is attributed to king Khufu, although the name Khufu was not found in any place inside or outside the pyramid, except in one of the small chambers above the so called king chamber (Campbell’s Chamber), there is a strong doubt abbot the authenticity of the writings and about who made it. The name of the great pyramid is Akhet Khufu which means the horizon of Khufu.

Khufu is associated with ntr Khnum, his full name is Khnum Khufu which means Khnum protects me.

The Horus (Hor) name is Horus Medjedu which means Horus who strikes, and because of this name we manage to identify the 7.5 cm ivory statue which was found in Abydos in 1903 by Flinders Petrie, the Horus name is written next to the right leg of this statue so we understand that the statue belong to king Khufu.

We are not sure if this statue was made during the 4th dynasty or no, there are some suggestion suggesting that it was made during the time of the 26th dynasty. This is only definite statue we have for king Khufu.


King Khufu

King Khufu lineage and his family

Khufu is the son of king Sneferu and queen Hetepheres I, Egyptologists didn’t believe in the beginning that Khufu is the biological son of Sneferu, but after the tomb of  queen Hetepheres I was found in 1925 east of the Great pyramid, they do believe now that Khufu is the son of Sneferu. Khufu married 2 wives, the first wife was queen Meritites I, and the second wife was Henutsen.

His sons and daughters :

King Khufu had 9 sons and 5 daughters

Names of the sons:

Kawab, he is the eldest son and crown prince, but he died in Khufu’s lifetime

Djedefra, he is the first throne successor.

Khafre, he is the second throne successor.



Babaef I

Khufukhaf I

Minkhaf I


Names of the daughters:


Hetepheres II, she was the wife of prince Kawab, later she married to king Djedefra.

Meresankh II

Meritites II

Khamerernebty I: She was the wife of king Khafra and the mother of king Menkaura.

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