Return of Kheper Cycle I

Return of Kheper Cycle I

  • Duration
    15 Days
  • Start
    18 June 2021
  • Type
  • Pick up
    Cairo Airport
  • Places


Join us for an exciting adventure to Egypt in June of next year with Jay Weidner, S.Lotus, Mohamed Ibrahim and Jonny Enoch.
Introducing an all new way of exploring sacred sites using Remote Viewing, Egyptology and Esoteric teachings. We’ll examine forbidden discoveries in Resonance, Ancient Consciousness Technologies, Advanced Machining and more.

Day 01 Cairo Fri, Jun 18th
Cairo airport
  • Upon arrival to Cairo airport you will find our representative waiting for you to help you through the formalities, help you to get the entry visa and drive to your hotel and help you to get your room. At 06:30 PM
  • we will have a meeting for introductions, followed by a Welcome Dinner together. Overnight at Steigenberger Pyramids (D)
Day 02 Giza Plateau Sat, Jun 19th
  • Breakfast from 06:30 to 07:30
  • From 08:00 to 10:00 AM Presentation by Mohamed Ibrahim.
  • ‘New introduction to the Egyptian History’
At 10:30 we will visit the most famous site in Egypt “Giza Plateau”, we will explore the complex of the Great pyramid (Akhet Khufu), we will walk to the eastern side to visit the remains of the so called mortuary temple, we will see many of the unexplained cut marks on the basalt stone, we will also talk about the so called boat pits and present Chris Dunn’s theory. We will drive to the 02nd pyramid (wr mr) where we will visit the so-called Mortuary temple to see the huge blocks of limestone and some of the left-over blocks of Alabaster still attached to the floor. We will walk to the so-called Valley temple, and from inside the Valley temple we will inter a short cut to the Sphinx. We will have lunch at one of the best shish kebab restaurants in the area, also delicious vegetarian food is available there. After Lunch we will have the chance to visit one of the authentic Essential Oils Centers in the area, we will have a presentation to know the use of many of these essential oils, specially the herbal oils (Black Seed oil, Ginger Oil, etc..). Overnight Steigenberger Pyramids (B.L)
Day 03 Sakkara Sun, Jun 20th
  • Breakfast from 07:00 to 08:00
  • At 08:30 we drive to Sakkara, home of the Step Pyramid attributed to King Djoser. We will visit the mystical Serapeum, the huge subterranean complex under the ground, it contains 24 boxes made from hard stones like Granite and Diorite. We will visit one of the tombs of Sakkara to have a good idea about the Ancient Egyptian Art, specially the Old Kingdom Art. After lunch we will start our private visits in Sakkara area.
  • Firstly, we will visit the so-called the Persian Shaft, our 2nd visit will be the tunnel network under Sakkara Step pyramid. Overnight Steigenberger Pyramids (B.L)
Day 04 Abydos Mon, Jun 21st
  • Early in the morning we fly to Sohag then we drive to Abydos, Abydos is one of the oldest and most important cities in Ancient Egypt, it is the holly land of Osiris, the land of pilgrimage, we will visit the famous temple there, Seti I Temple, it is the only temple which has 7 holy of holies, it has very high quality carvings which still in a great condition, and of course it has the very famous carving of the so called Helicopter hieroglyphs. Behind this temple lies the megalithic underground structure ”The Osirion”, this structure still one of the big questions in the Ancient Egyptian history, there we will see several depictions of the Flower of Life on the huge pillars. Overnight at House of Life Abydos (B.L)
Day 05 Dendera Tue, Jun 22nd
  • After breakfast we drive to Dendera we will visit the incredible Temple of Hathor, a site that Chris Dunn, author of (Giza, The Power Plant), remarked that it should have been listed as one of the ancient wonders of our world.We will know better about Hathor the lady of music, songs and love, or we can say the lady of resonance and healing. We are going to see star maps depicted on the ceilings in this temple, and the replica of famous Dendera Zodiac (the original is displayed at the Louvre in Paris) point to the ancient origins of astrology and superior knowledge of our Solar System. Drive to Luxor, Overnight Jolie Ville Luxor (B.L)
Day 06 Luxor Wed, Jun 23rd
Valley of the Kings
Valley of the Kings
  • After breakfast we will take a motorboat to the west bank of the Nile, we drive first to the Valley of the Gates of Kings or as we call it Valley of the Kings, the ticket will allow you to visit & enter 3 tombs, that’s why we always make sure to lead you to 3 tombs with different designs, we will have a good idea about the Ancient Egyptian art & paintings, we will listen to the story of afterlife (dwat) according to the Ancient Egyptian believes.
  • We will visit the unique temple of Queen Hatshepsut to the talented design of this temple, which was made by the Ancient Egyptian architect Sennmut, and visit the side temple of Hathor. Before leaving the west bank, we will see two of the megalithic statues in Egypt, the Colossi of Memnon which used to be flanking the first gate of Amonhotep III temple, the estimate weight is 700 tons for each statue.
  • We will stop at one of the Alabaster factories to the manual process to make alabaster vases, and then we’ll drive back to the Nile Cruise, we will have lunch and relax then we will have time for shopping before our evening visit to the Luxor Temple, Schwaller de Lubicz called it ‘the temple of man’ because he thinks that the design of the temple is matching the shape of human body, but we will see that this temple is completing the function of Karnak temple, so yes it is the temple of man because of the healing effect on human. Overnight Nile cruise (B.L.D)
Day 07 Karnak temple Thu, Jun 24th
  • After breakfast we will visit Karnak temple. We are going to visit the Open-Air Museum in Karnak to see the huge Alabaster shrines (each shrine was made from one solid piece of Alabaster). Karnak temple is one of the biggest Ancient healing centers in Egypt & in the whole world, it was also a huge academy for the priesthood of Amount-Ra. We will talk and explain the function of the obelisks and the granite structures in general. Before leaving Karnak, we will visit one of the remote corners of the place to see some special sections & closed rooms, in our way out we will cross a huge area full of thousands of broken blocks. After Lunch we will have free time. Overnight Nile cruise (B.L.D)
Day 08 Kom Ombo Fri, Jun 25th
kom ombo temple
kom ombo temple
  • We will have free morning followed by one or two presentations, after lunch we will enjoy watching the Nile and the green fields from the top deck of the boat. Around 04:00 PM we will arrive to Kom Ombo, where we’ll visit the twin temples dedicated to the crocodile Neter, Sobek and Horus the Elder. Kom Ombo is a small temple but it contains very important carvings, Mohamed Ibrahim will show us the evidence of the existence of the Anti-Gravity technology in Ancient Egypt. Sailing to Aswan. Overnight Nile cruise (B.L.D)
Day 09 Island of Philae Sat, Jun 26th
philae temple
philae temple
  • After breakfast we will take a motorboat to the enchanting Island of Philae, Isis temple is one of the very important healing temples in Ancient Egypt, mother Isis was called ‘weret Hekau) which means the One who does Great Magic (or great Science), and then we will drive to the famous Aswan granite quarry that is home to the 1,200-ton Unfinished Obelisk, actually we are going to see 2 unfinished obelisks not just one, we will see the mark of the advanced tools were used to cut the huge blocks, and also the mark
Day 10 Elephantine Island Sun, Jun 27th
Elephantine Island
Elephantine Island
  • After breakfast we sail with a motorboat to visit Elephantine Island, it was called Abu island by the Ancient Egyptians, it means the island of the elephant, we will visit Satet temple first and Mohamed Ibrahim will tell us the story of the Arch of the Covenants and if the Arch was hidden in this island or not. We will visit the main temple in this island, temple of Khnum, the one who makes the ‘ka’ on the pottery wheel, we are going to see some huge artefacts from rose granite, like the huge shrine at the back of the temple, after this visit we continue sailing to the Nubian Village to have a home cooked lunch in one of the Nubian houses. We will see Fatoum the lady of the Nubian house and her family, there are strange members in this family !? there are 2 or 3 crocodiles, yes real crocodiles, return to our hotel at Aswan. Overnight Aswan hotel (B.L)
Day 11 Aswan/Cairo Mon, Jun 28th
  • Drive to Aswan airport to fly to Cairo. Drive to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, we are going to see amazing collection of antiquities, statues from different sizes & materials, boxes, columns. Canopic jars, tables mummies and unexplained artefacts. We must the very famous granite box at the ground level, the unfinished box, which is a clear example of the high technology of Ancient Egypt, and of course we will see the Schist disc at the upper floor, all plus the exhibition of the Yuya & Tuya. Drive to Steigenberger Tahrir & the rest of the day is free (B, L)
Day 12 Giza Plateau Tue, Jun 29th
Khan El Khalili Bazzar
Khan El Khalili Bazzar
  • This day is the most important day, this is the day of our private visits in Giza Plateau, at 01:00 AM we will have a private visit inside the Great Pyramid, the whole pyramid will be ours for 2 hours, we will have access to the 3 chambers inside the pyramid. At .3:00 AM we will visit the enclosure of the Sphinx & talk about the theory of Dr. Robert Schoch (re-dating the Sphinx), it is the right place to witness the Summer Soloistic and watch the sun aligned with the face of the Sphinx and crosses in between the 2 pyramids (Khafra & Menkaura).
  • At 04:00 PM we will leave the hotel to spend sometimes at Islamic Cairo and visit the most famous market in Egypt, Khan El Khalili Bazzar. Overnight Steigenberger Tahrir (B, L)
Day 13 Sinai Wed, Jun 30th
  • Drive to Sinai, where we will visit one of the most sacred sites in Ancient Egypt, Sarabit El Khadiem, it is very special place and the Ancient Egyptian showed great respect to this site, they built a huge temple for neter Hathor there. Some opinions suggested that this site is the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments, it is the actual mount Sinai, Mount Horoub, Lunch and drive back to Cairo. Overnight Steigenberger Tahrir (B, L)
Day 14 Dahshur Thu, Jul 01st
the Bent Pyramid
the Bent Pyramid
  • After breakfast at 10:30 we drive to Dahshur, we are going to visit and enter the Bent Pyramid(kha mr rsy), which was closed for around 65 years, this pyramid is attributed to king Senefru, 4th dynasty, Old Kingdom, but we will see the pyramid from completely different prospective. We will visit the satellite pyramid behind the Bent pyramid, and of course we will visit & enter the so-called Red pyramid (kha mr) and have the chance to see the strange acoustic system in the chambers inside the pyramid. We will end the day and the tour with a delicious farewell dinner. Overnight Steigenberger Tahrir (B.L.D)
Day 15 Departure Fri, Jul 02nd
  • Departure (B)
  • 03 NTS at Steigenberger Pyramids 5* (B.B)
  • 01 NTS at Aswan Hotel 5* (B.B)
  • 03 NTS at Nile Cruise 5* (F.B)
  • 01 NTS at Steigenberger Luxor 5* (B.B)
  • 02 NTS at House of Life (B.L)
  • 04 Steigenberger Tahrir 5* (B.B)
  • Meals mentioned in the itinerary (B breakfast, L lunch, D dinner)
  • Meals mentioned in the itinerary (B breakfast, L lunch, D dinner)
  • 01 Domestic flight (CAI/ASW-LXR/CAI)
  • Meet & assist at the airport
  • English speaking tour guide
  • 02 bottles of water daily in Cairo
  • Transportation to the mentioned sites by a car
  • Entry tickets to the mentioned in the itinerary
  • Entry Visa to Egypt
  • Insurance
  • Laundry Service
  • Any other service or tour not mentioned in the itinerary

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Return of Kheper Cycle I

Duration : 15Days
Tour Starts at : June 18th,2021
Type : Joining
Pickup : Cairo Airport
Locations : Cairo/ Giza / Aswan / Luxor / Sini /Sohag
Transportation : Bus /Train/ Nile Cruise/Flight


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